ENTIRE legal company provides service of Invitation for foreigner in Ukraine (for employees of foreign company’s representative office). Our advantages are individual approach and advantageous price.

An invitation from a representative office of a foreign company is registered with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and allows to issue a visa to D.

The invitation is received by employees of representative offices of foreign companies that are nationals of countries with which Ukraine has established a visa regime, including countries of short-stay visa-free stay.

The invitation deadline is 30 business days.

In order to employ a foreigner in a foreign company's representative office, you need not only to obtain a service card for such an employee, but also to obtain a temporary residence permit. In order to apply for a temporary residence permit, such an employee must register and enter Ukraine on a type D visa.

The basis for issuing a type D visa by a foreign representative is the invitation of a foreigner from a foreign company's representative office registered with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

Citizens of most CIS countries (with whom visa-free travel with Ukraine is required) do not need to issue an invitation.

Documents for the invitation for employees of foreign company’s

The following documents are required to draft an invitation to foreigners or stateless persons to Ukraine:

  1. Original Statement on the official letterhead of the representation, certified by the seal and signature of the head.
  2. Copy of the foreigner's passport document (personal data page, if the foreigner has previously received a Ukrainian visa, a copy of the page with this visa).
  3. Power of attorney of representation of foreign company on our employee for submission of documents.

Price and term of providing the services

Cost of service - from 2000 UAH.

Deadline - 30 working days

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