ENTIRE legal company provides service Renewal and exchange of temporary residence permit in Ukraine foreigners and stateless persons. Our advantages are the individual approach and the lowest price of the certificate.

In case of change of the passport document of the foreigner or the identity card, in connection with the change of surname and (or) first name or patronymic, the documents for exchange of the residence permit shall be submitted not later than one month after obtaining a new passport of a foreigner or a certificate of citizenship.

If during the period of validity of the certificate in the documents submitted for the temporary residence permit (paragraph 32 of the Procedure for registration, issuance, exchange, etc. of the temporary residence permit), changed the information, such the documents are submitted to the territorial body / territorial unit of the Migration service which issued the certificate within 15 days from the day of the change in order to make changes to the departmental information system of the Migration service.

An application for the renewal or exchange of a temporary residence permit by a foreigner or stateless person shall be made in person or through a representative on the basis of a power of attorney.

A foreigner or stateless person receives a temporary residence permit in person.

Documents to renew or exchange your temporary residence permit

To renew or exchange a temporary residence permit, the following documents must be submitted to the Migration territorial authority at your place of residence:

  1. Temporary residence permit, to be exchanged (except for loss and theft);
  2. Foreigner's passport or citizenship ID;
  3. Translation into the Ukrainian language of the page of the passport of the foreigner or the document certifying the stateless person with personal data, certified in accordance with the procedure established by law;
  4. Documents confirming the circumstances in respect of which the certificate is to be exchanged (except when the certificate expires and the certificate is not suitable for future use);
  5. A document certifying the identity of the legal representative and a document confirming the authority of the person as legal representative (in case of submission of documents by a legal representative);
  6. Document certifying the payment of the administrative fee or a document certifying the exemption from its payment.

Price and term of renewal / exchange of the certificate

Cost of service - from 2500 UAH.

Deadline - from 10 working days

Attention! Notary fees are charged separately.

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