Migration law is a branch of law that regulates the movement of a person and the change of his place of residence or stay.

As a rule, migration law covers immigration, emigration, internal migration and temporary residence of a person outside his/her place of residence.

ENTIRE legal company helps its clients save time and money. The professional lawyers of our company are well acquainted with the norms of domestic and foreign legislation, help to solve any questions regarding obtaining a visa, residence permit, employment, obtaining citizenship.

We represent clients in the migration service and other government agencies. We provide assistance to both citizens of Ukraine and foreigners. Here you can order a range of migration services, as well as one or more to choose from.

The structure of migration services

  1. Obtaining Tax Identification code.
  2. Foreigner work permit:
    • Obtaining of permit;
    • Extension of the permit term;
    • Amendments to the permit;
    • Return (cancellation) of a work permit in Ukraine to the issuing body.
  3. ID (service) card of worker of foreign company’s representative office:
    • Obtaining of ID (service) card of worker of foreign company's representative office;
    • Return of ID (service) card of worker of foreign company's representative office.
  4. Temporary residence permit in Ukraine:
    • Obtaining of temporary residence permit;
    • Extension of the temporary residence permit;
    • Loss/theft, exchange of permit (changes);
    • Return of a permit to the issuing body.
  5. Permanent residence permit in Ukraine.
  6. Extending the term of stay in Ukraine.
  7. Invitation for foreigner in Ukraine:
    • Invitation for foreigner (private invitation).
    • Invitation for foreigner (from a legal entity).
    • Invitation for foreigner (for employees of foreign company’s representative office).
  8. Obtaining Е-Visa.

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